Twenty-third minutes, Walcott on the right edge in the area after the to certainly kill hastening with jaws gags was at Lengjian, the ball was falling while watching door, but still slightly more than the beam. Since both of you arrive at me pitted, but failed to obtain a good opportunity to bust, then the two competitors entered the Cheap FIFA Coins. Easy side battles the next half. Forty-seventh minutes, Slovenia on the correct corner to open the threshold, Cesar near the little box line header while not on the top of the power, but because the length is too near or force Hart to create a great save.

Then Slovenia continued to kick on the right corner, this time they directed forward, ambushed Kurtic leaping header following the rub, the ball will flee into your top corner when Hart once again made the magical "Moon" will save the ball down the actual lintel, with Hart because connected with shoulder impingement onto the post and was forced to just accept a brief treatment, but fortunately not greatly.

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