Thirty-eighth minutes, Grose ball into the restricted area on the left foot volley after grasped by Buffon, which is conducive to the game we shot it. Then Claude Lado again through fast get a good opportunity, but his shot is still not able to break the ten mark Sikelupusiji. Forty-first minutes, like Bailey ball, Akira, and Tello after foot volley was Buffon's beam prop. Forty-fourth minutes, Dibala shot was goalkeeper, Gonzalo Higuain Kosic is on the line with the FIFA 17 Coins, Claude Lado restricted line volley hit high. The end of the first half, the two sides temporarily draw 0-0. At half-time both sides did not change.


Fiftieth minutes, Khedira ball into the penalty area zhisai Gonzalo Higuain, but Gonzalo Higuain did not find a suitable continuous adjustment of the shot, the final shot hit pop defensive player. Fiftieth minutes, Eder Luis behind the uprooting Kruni eat the game's first yellow card. Fifty-second minutes, Pascual opened the ball, F Natsu Reilly header ferry, macarone relay header top side. Fifty-third minutes, P Janic restricted area near Tello invasion, the two sides of conflict, Juventus won the distance closer to the ball, P Janic free kick, the ball was a defensive player blocked a bit wide of the bottom line. This time the field begin to appear on the smell of gunpowder, a player is.


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