The enhanced variant takes it a little further, pushing this up in order to 4. 5% chance per status, this will take up both slots within a gizmo.
Note - this will never stack with its typical version.
4. Enhanced Efficient (Ranks 1 - 3)
The current version associated with Efficient reduces the drain rate for the item by 6% for each rank.
With the enhanced perk, this will reduce the actual charge drain rate more pushing it from 6% for every rank to 9%, allowing you to save only 27% charge drain cleaning soap acquire a rank 3 variant of this perk! It also takes up both slots inside a Gizmo and works extremely well on tools, weapon and armour.
Note - this will not likely stack with its typical version.
Quality of Life Adjustments
There has also recently been some rebalancing work carried out on certain tech equipment. In short, production costs are cheaper and a number of them have increased benefits too! Check out the  Cheap Rs Gold :
Mechanised Chinchompa
You will now help to make 50 of these each time, instead of 5.
Book Switcher
When making a E-book Switcher enhancing components are no more required.
Calorie Bomb
The Calorie Bomb no longer requires direct components as soon as being made.