The analyst Wedbush Investments Michael Pachter, known exclusively to this Daily Star Online said that in a reaction to the statement PS4 Pro along with the release of this yr, it could tempt Microsoft to offer the release of the following large unit,

Scorpio and project forward:

"We do not learn whether [Scorpio project] may be the year, " Pachter suggested.

"One would think they may move that forward at once... speed up the scorpion, and I think that here is the only thing you can do. "

Finally, Pachter pointed out that will with bringing Sony forwards the release date Pro this holiday season, provided by the Xbox One S devices "irrelevant kinda" Simply because have chosen to sell the machine cheaper than $ 399 with a hard drive 1TB.

As a result, Pachter suggested that Microsoft could cut the price tag on Xbox One S, by express statement, "In fact, they may have to be able to. "

Currently, Microsoft will be sure that the definition of the Xbox deals One S for FIFA 17 Coins fifacoin-buy, which is a unusual military green Xbox One particular includes S are being sold to fund the war game arena new battle unit

Red for preparing regarding war (4).

A spokeswoman for Console: "You can play in excess of 100 comments on the particular console Xbox One Utes devices expected-very newly developed, which features 4K movie, and support for excessive dynamic range (HDR) online video

Games and a model with only 4K UHD Blu-ray gambler.

"With all the biggest blockbusters this holiday season, in addition to a developing catalog of Xbox 360 games backwards compatible, and the fastest and a lot reliable multi-network and Xbox 360 One S are the games towards the end of the day, and 4 K system Entertainment. "

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