The aboriginal Shadowdrake ring was acquired about the additional anniversary of the summertime event. Meaning that cipher may carefully apperceive how to access the ring, afore it already seemed to be too late.




Four key-points to understand:




- Afore there had been alone 18-20 canicule actual in case, there was absolutely NO advice accepted concerning the shadowdrake ring at almost all.


- Endure bank crash lasted 2 MONTHS. We got beneath than bisected of these Cheap Rs Gold  now.


- It doesn't accomplish ANY faculty BY ANY MEANS for a 2016 accolade to be able to unlock, that requires a 2015 reward, which in about-face uses a 2016 accolade first. Alarm of a accolade absurdity at this time there.


- Based on Mod Krista's reddit article, she capital to make sure that humans would do the 2016 accident about the abounding breadth to reduce the rewards. What she capital to complete was a 10/25/50 string. However, afore anybody apparent the item, it instead angry right 50/65/75.


Anyone who didn't acknowledge the sunburned appellation with 2015, is anon DISQUALIFIED from accepting the shadowdrake diamond ring. Even if they actually accept the time to access it, they couldn't. Because the shadowdrake ring's acknowledging adjustment was accepted much too late.


And just what the actual hell, jagex. A three-week amplitude in a four-week event, acute above-mentioned COMMUNITY DISCOVERY to apperceive how you can even do something? Are you out of your respective freaking mind?!


I accept NEVER apparent an accident that requires a abounding three-weeks attendancy using alone four* weeks to participate, unless there was an alternating solution to just buy it. But nope, there isn't. This is a ridicillious harder bang for the face for anyone that didn't have the sunburned appellation in 2015.


* = again, bare the time it even took to find out the item's accepting procedure.

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