Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes 34 cards, mostly bronze (up to 29 more 2 silver and 3 gold). This pack, besides enough players to start playing, where silver and gold are incorporated with 45 contracts each 1, possesses also everything your club would need to start. In other words, the club item cards which is to be part of the pack will probably be: at least one stadium, one ball, one badge and a pair of kits (home along with away). All the cards with this first pack are untradeable, which means that you cannot sell it.

Welcome Back Packs

The Welcome Back Delivers reward returning users for loyalty - their FUT of sixteen gaming activity. Most of the 12 credit cards in each pack will be gold, for which these presents assume particular importance in the start of your club. You’ll be rewarded also with two all players packs, each one with 4 bronze players cards, 4 silver players charge cards and 4 gold players cards (one or more rare).

Daily Gifts

During the first days Daily Gifts also are offered, so the sooner you start the more you can win. Don’t forget to access your Apps daily. Each day you miss, it is one pack less you obtain. In the beginning you’ll will need all the cards you will get to start your first investments. The first daily gift will probably be available until midnight (UK time) of FUT Internet App release date plus the last one until midnight (UK time) associated with Monday, October 3rd. Cards are more expensive inside the early days, meaning daily gifts are relatively worth a lot more. Don’t forget to redeem your daily gift if you want to have a good begin. For more Daily Presents details, including when they will probably be available and what it is possible to receive.

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