According to the "Aspen" reports, Atletico coach Diego Simeone today in the Movistar+ interview said he never said that to leave Atletico.

Simonyi said: "I have never said before to leave, I said that I need to consider. Consider the word can be a lot of. For example, how can I continue to face these leaders for four and a half years. I have to find a way to motivate them, in order to continue fighting after such a setback. Losing the two final is not an easy thing to do."

Argentine added: "people are usually afraid of failure of the word, but the word and did not complete the goal is the same meaning. Maybe the word is really heavy, but this is what I was feeling at the time. So many people rely on the team to second final, but once again missed the championship, this is a very heavy impact."

For in Lisbon and Milan's two defeats, Simone said he would never forget, he said: "people always say that everything will be the past, failure would feel like water disappear, this is a lie, in my body never happened such a thing. The two defeats will in my heart forever, then any victory is not enough to kill them."

For the new season, Simonyi said: I have always been a great team as the standard of effort, the German national team for me is a benchmark. They won the world cup, but also has been trying to try, they show me the spirit is to continue to try to adhere to. Life is never easy for those who have the greatest warrior, and I do believe that I am a soldier."

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