Scan Outdoors If It is possible to


When the face scanning concept was initially introduced in NBA 2k17 Coins, one of the issues the developers advised was to do the scan with natural sunlight.


This was difficult in those days because the scan needed to be done with the PS4 photographic camera or the Xbox Kinect. With the process now moving onto a mobile device, it’s much easier to look outside to do this scan.


The even lighting should present you with your best results.


If You’re Inside, Use The Rear-Facing Photographic camera


If going outside isn’t practical for you, you’ll want to find the most well-lit and evenly illuminated area indoors to perform the scan. You’ll also want to consider using the rear-facing photographic camera.


It can obviously be difficult to check out the on-screen instructions by doing this, so standing in top of a mirror while using the rear-facing camera is proposed.


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