Recently the United captain Rooney had a hard time, his poor performance was caused by the media and the legend of criticism, but he got guiding his former Reds workforce mate Nani.

In the 7 game with the season, 30 year old Rooney simply scored 1 goals with Mourinho's hands, Rooney seems to locate his place.

Nani talked about the situation of Rooney Omnisport in an interview: "Rooney is a unique player, his body is strong, super strength, both view and exact shooting ability, Rooney is very high with the FIFA 17 Coins fifacoin-buy.

"I enjoy fighting together Rooney, who is an important part of United and he has a chance to improve himself and to continue writing the story.

"If he keeps a superior level, he can be the top player in Manchester Usa, " he said. "

Nani also talked around the billion Mr. Pogba: "see Pogba return to be able to Manchester I was a bit surprised many teams want to get him, but I am happy to see him return to Manchester, he understood the crew, he will become the star with the team. "

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