Real PKers accomplish up a baby allotment of the RS3 area.

Some players may dabble in it if the befalling appears, but like any game, if the adeptness to be able to annihilate players exist, some humans will do it now.

We've apparent the number of players on the hosting space decline.

Say whatever account you wish (bot nukes, about-face in gamer fascination, accepted disinterest, etc)

Who knows what allotment from the association is hardcore pker.

1%? 3%? 5%?

Jagex is traveling to accomplish what it can to baby in their eyes to advice accumulate players of their game, or at atomic bust with Jagex.

Just attending at just what happened to Darkscape.

Pure pker paradise. Several players did appear aback for doing this. Some hopped over.

When it alone off of, some players larboard for great.

Not many, but still.

At best, if Jagex chock-full accouterment towards the pker association on Runescape 2007 Gold, those players could get to OSRS.

But... there would be abatement out.

Fewer players on RS3 firm that maybe Mod Pi in addition to addition dev about-face up to OSRS because there's beneath absorption in RS3. Also, they may even bring several servers.

Fewer servers for RS3 = below worlds to play on.

Other agreeable would nevertheless get developed, but with beneath individuals now, you'd get hardly below agreeable accepting formed upon. Or at atomic taken as quickly.

At worst, the players leave once and for all.

Fewer subscribers, beneath players = down below money generated.

That agency beneath designers at Jagex (or maybe alive on any Runescape crafted product), beneath servers running, and appropriately beneath pleasant accepting developed period.

As abundant as most of us abhorrence the pking neighborhood, unless you can argue those to become abounding time PVM/bossers to yield abroad their bloodlust, we charge those players bushing in the calculation on the servers.

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