Kristaps-Porzingis said in an interview which he had watched every one of the Mavericks playoff game movie, he wanted to study what sort of opponent in the playoffs is how you can defend Nowitzki - Dirk.

Pohl Zingis has the same technical characteristics with Nowitzki, is the kind of big man could be shot in the outside the house.

"In the playoffs, with regular season differs from the others, I am trying to find out this, " Pohl Zingis said, "it will not end up being easy, when in the playoffs, rivals will really start to take note of you, to make you into something makes you feel quite uncomfortable environment. "

The new season's regular race begins, which is Pohl Zingis's minute season in NBA 2k17 VC Accounts, he said he believed his lower body toughness better, and has seen the use of his presence on your field.

"I can run some more, I think Geoff Hornacek will coach why don't we run, to ensure that we're in a good state, and this is cures do, " Pohl Zingis explained, "in the body, the new season I'm better, I know that from the new season can count on some what matters currently. "

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