British media "Sun" launched a Macy's interview, interview Macy talked regarding the FIFA 17 XBOX Coins mentor Guardiola, Manchester City's friend Aguero, as well as Barcelona's team-mate Suarez along with Nei Maer.

Messi in the interview regarding the 2009 Champions League remaining, they played one of the most extremely perfect game. At that time there are many so-called experts questioned whether Messi would be the world's best, and now he have been recognized as the the planet's best players. In the Champions League final last year, Messi took Harvey's cross, breaking the goal regarding Edwin van der Sar - and he faced your England club has obtained 16 goals.

The England club is his addition to the country to break the purpose of the most, including 12 days back, Camp Nou Camp 4-0 Bloody Guardiola played inside Champions League hat-trick.

In Barcelona to Manchester again face Guardiola's workforce before Messi accepted the actual "Sun" interview. He compared the melon Barcelona and En-Barcelona's different.

Messi said: "In fact, everyone knows the process of Barcelona and I want to say that we are rarely perhaps the team has one on this system, but each coach carries a different idea, according to the most suitable Way to implement this system. "

"Every head coach brings a little change, although this change may be quite small. In Enric governance we pay Fifa 17 pointsmore focus on rapid attack, and Guardiola coaching period we rarely play security counterattack.

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