Head on the Fremennik Province again this winter where the legends are spilling over into reality at the time more. Seek Hati, Sk? ll and Eir to take on their usual challenges and win their rewards but also get about the hunt for your new legendary bad guy, Fenrir, who has been spotted between the frosty trees.


As well of note this week would be the return of Vic the Trader to his spot south in the Burthrope lodestone additionally, the appearance of Blood Dyes, a player-suggested rare reward, around Treasure Trails.


RuneScape members exclusively


Head into the Fremennik Province and talk to Vali[help] or Vithar[help] for directions


Pick Eir[help] just south from the Golden Tree with the south-east with the Fremennik Province


Fully grasp Fenrir south-east of Rellekka also near the Golden Tree.


The following celebration runs from now until the 8th February. The paws and boots rewards become unusable around the 16th Could perhapson the south east of Rellekka near the Golden Tree to uncover and slay this aggresive beast. As with Hati and Sk? lmost all, you will prefer to attack in groups.


Victory can reward you with the chest and leg parts on the Fremennik wolf cosmetic set. You will also receive Fenrir? vertisements Fang which, when used, grants XP and Bonus XP in either Herblore or Summoning, scaling with your character? vertisements level.


Hunt Down Hati

Hati can be found wandering the woods south-east of Rellekka.


They've tough, and his attacks accurate, but work together and you are going to take him down. Anyone who contributes towards the fight could qualify for loot when the bad guy howls his past.


There's a high chance that he'll drop Hati feet - cosmetic gloves that can be clicked to say normal and Bonus XP in your choice of combat skill. He can also drop a cosmetic hood and cloak, if you don't already have those.


Summon Sk? lmost all

Sk? ll must be lured to Gielinor by adding logs to the bonfire, west of Rellekka's entrance.


The moment 120 logs are added for the fire (across all worlds, like all players) Sk? ll will show his face. For instance Hati, chances are you may need help to defeat him, nonetheless anyone who contributes - be it in combat or by adding logs - will likely be able to loot him when he falls.


He could drop Sk? ll boots - which grant normal and Bonus XP in Agility or Woodcutting when clicked - and a cosmetic amulet, if you don't have it.


Get a hold of Eir's Gear

Eir is a valkyrie who's sure the Sixth Age could be the End of Things. She's also lost her helmet and spear, and needs your help to get them back.


Control Hati or Sk? ll : or harvest enriched wisps on the colony south-east of Rellekka - for just a chance to consider using a items. Repeating these actions will get you duplicates, in like manner collect Eir's gear you may need to:


Get two of one type of item (helmet or spear) and trade with another player for the other.


At the time you've got both, speak to Eir by the Golden Tree. You can expect to get a chunk of normal and Bonus XP in your choice of Prayer or Divination, plus cosmetic overrides of Eir's helmet and spear, if you don't have them from past year.


Note that Ironman players will receive only normal XP from defeating the wolves? virtually no Bonus XP.


The Epic with Bukalla

As long as you have completed The Fremennik Trials quest, you will now be able to talk on the audience members from the Rellekka longhall and hear The Epic of Bukalla. The following fantastic cutscene will immerse you on the old Norse tradition of sung poetry, by using Skald Ogson taking centre-stage to perform a tale of characters, potential risks and glory. Enjoy!


Epic of Bukalla news image

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The following week, we? ll be giving you another taster of our new video gamematch client? NXT? and giving you the opportunity to ask any technical questions you have about it!


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Around other news

Shadow Dragoon Wardrobe


Shadow Dragoon outfit news image

Inspired by the legendary pet Shadow Drake comes the Shadow Dragoon outfit.


You may acquire this stunning cosmetic set from now until 12: 00 UTC on Monday 29th February to be the envy of others.


Vic the Trader returns!


Members can benefit from the return of your moustachioed Vic the Trader to his favourite patch, south while in the Burthorpe lodestone, opposite the loan company. You can trade him your Bonus XP for credits and look out for the variety of goodies on sale in his store, like prismatic stars, lamps, skill outfits and rarities from Treasure Hunter.


XP trading will run until the 25th January and his store will shut again on the 1st February.


Blood Dyes in Treasure Trails!


From RuneLabs to RuneScape comes the addition of blood dyes to Treasure Trails. Blood dyes are type of cosmetic dye that can be used to colour things in Cheap Runescape Gold

 a very deeply impressive crimson. It will likely be accessible as rare Elite Treasure Trail loot and can be applied into the same equipment as other chemical dyes attainable from Treasure Trail.


Maintain dyes are tradeable but items dyed with it are not.


Thanks to IzaZ and everyone who voted for this to happen. Be sure to verify out RuneLabs to pitch and support more player suggestions.


Player Power Area │ It? s time to political election!


Voting is now open to decide the approaching Player Power Area. Your suggestions have been collated from RuneLabs, so head in recreation to see the poll that will determine which location may be added to Gielinor.


You have until 22 January to cast your votes, but your involvement doesn't end there! Them? ll then be as much as you guys to start suggesting the content that you want to fill this area with - so sustain the creativity flowing!


WIN tickets on the RuneScape 15th Birthday Documented premiere in London!


Most people? re offering you the opportunity to join us to get a night of celebration, activities, and nostalgia as we show the first screening of your amazing RuneScape Documentary, RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure.


Expose out how you’re able to win the opportunity to be there, as well as a hotel room for the night and six months? member!