In the team which won the Olympics, we had players which are now coveted by the rest of the world, guys like “Gabigol” (Gabriel Barbosa, who has just secured a huge move to Italy) and also Gabriel Jesus (an emerging star at Palmeiras), which is fantastic. There was also Luan (the talented Gremio playmaker), who is a excellent player, and I don’t even need to quickly go over Neymar, of course. Suddenly we have four talented forwards at the start. That’s how the period goes: if more of these kinds of players, other than Neymar, establish themselves, then we will be guaranteed a robust forward line for your next World Cup. And we will be than ready for FIFA 17 Coins.


Is it possible to list the five ideal artists in Brazilian sports? Should the list most likely be longer?

Well, it’s always hard to compile such a list. I think that even a listing of ten would be as well short [laughs]. I always get stuck when it comes to such things. Everyone is important. You can’t deny the benefit of a Pele or even a Garrincha, sure. But there are plans, including others from which golden generation that gained two World Cups (with ‘58 and ‘62). Nilton Santos was a huge... Mario Zagallo, who would later really do the first world champion while both player and instructor in 1970, alongside Tostao on the actual pitch. Rivelino, Carlos Alberto... Then there’s Zico, Socrates... I could go upon, and I was nevertheless only mentioning the elderly generation. We could still mention Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho... There are so a lot of.


Our football is each of our culture. Perhaps more than a new culture, football is even some sort of religion. There are moments when it could feel as though were losing faith, but it is generally there, deep down.

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