Hey there guys, have you packed ones towel and sunscreen to visit the Beach? The news comes that will Ironman accounts are no more nerfed for XP on the Beach 2016 like others. Besides, Terrorbird racing is completely swing, along with Hook-A-Duck, Sand Castle Building and Satyr outfit and much more!


Ironman XP is not nerfed at the Seashore


As we all learn, Runescape 2007 Gold Beach Party is available for Ironman accounts this coming year. At the beginning, all Ironmen can gain 3 times as much xp seeing that other players. However, the latest news comes that ironman xp is no longer nerfed at come july 1st beach party in Runescape.


Terrorbird Races for Agility XP & Hook-A-Duck for hunting XP


There are two brand-new events in 2016 Runescape Seaside Party. One is Hook-A-Duck to teach your hunting experience along with another is Terrorbird Races to find maximum Agility XP. For the later one particular, you need to grab a terrorbird mount to begin with. Have you taken part in it?


Satyr outfit is available on Solomons


The Satyr Outfit was made with recolourable sections and posseses an unique teleport. Now you can invest in this outfit on Solomon's General Store!


Old favorites from the prior Beach Parties


Except for the earlier mentioned new content, there are something in the previous summer parties, including sand castle constructing for Construction XP, Barbecues for Cooking XP, Coconut shy for Ranged XP, Muscle beach for Durability XP, and Coconut gathering for Farming XP and so on. Note that every 15 minutes one of several XP-giving activities will always be spotlighted, yielding +10% XP.


Now, place portables on your Beach to bath this sunlight! It’s the best possiblity to fully enjoy summer in addition to training XP in Runescape! It would be amazing to bring this event in winter! To fully enjoy yourself inside the summer party, you can buy risk-free and cheap runescape 3 gold available for purchase on RS3gold! Have fun!

The RS3gold Team.

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