After evaluating the expertise and quality of proper care provided to amateur and elite athletes from the University Hospital Centre (CHU) as well as the University of Liège (ULg), FIFA has conferred Health care Centre of Excellence standing on both institutions. The chairman of the FIFA Medical Committee, Dr Michel D’Hooghe, officially awarded the exclusive certification to both centres on Wednesday, the only such institutions to be granted this recognition in the French-speaking community of Belgium.

After Roulers, Liège is the second Belgian centre to be accredited by FIFA 17 Coins PS4 in addition to joins a select group of 47 such centres worldwide located in places like Doha, Clairefontaine, Lyons, Munich, Rome, São Paulo and Big apple, not forgetting the healthcare centre of FC Barcelona.

FIFA’s accreditation is for five years and it is exclusive: no other centre in French-speaking Belgium is able to claim such status because period. FIFA conducted a thorough evaluation in the competencies at SportS2 as well as the Laboratory of Human Movement Analysis (LAMH) before deciding to add the Liège university organizations in its global circle of medical centres regarding excellence.

SportS2, which provides multidisciplinary orthopaedic, rehabilitation and health solutions for athletes, gathers together doctors, researchers and paramedics under one roof with the CHU, specialising in sport and its particular pathologies, injury prevention, rehabilitation and maximising functionality. The LAMH is an organisation from Faculties of Medicine and Applied Science with the University of Liège of which studies human motion as well as application in areas for instance medicine, biomechanics, ergonomics and sport.

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