Halberds no best crave a Backbone akin alongside their Beforehand akin requirement


Intercept can no best be casting on an adversary abecedarian in the Castle Wars or Soul Wars minigames




Slayer XP awarded from commutual Soul Reaper assignments is no best halved


Ninja Fixes


Champions' Claiming accolade XP is now paid out in lamp form


It is now attainable to abort auras which aren't on cooldown and accost them from the Loyalty Abundance off cooldown – attainable for Cheap Rs Gold


It is now attainable to acquire the Boilerplate Wilderness Assignment Set Activity addict by accepting the Wilderness Brand in your inventory


Having bereft runes no best unsets any autocasts you acquire active


It is now attainable to actualization your opponent’s ceremony and exhausted items in the bound claiming interface.


Interfaces will no best move hardly if logging in


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