Arshavin, anticipating a crossfield pass while watching penalty box from one more former Zenit player, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, used his back knee to deftly steer your ball beyond his marker within a elegant motion. Leaving the defender with regard to dead, he then cut again onto his right ft . to eke out the yard of space. With more opposition players about to crowd him out, the little magician deftly chipped the ball within the defenders and goalkeeper into your net.


"It all happened effortlessly, " he explained. "First I beat one defender then another. Next I saw a large crowd of players before me and there has been no other way I possibly could hit the target quickly. "


The ideal choice

His employers will not mind keeping Arshavin in Almaty for another season after such a display (he agreed a deal on a rolling-contract basis). Back home, the voices calling for his come back to the national team, which lacks creative avid gamers, are getting louder after Russia's poor showing for the FIFA Coins. Nevertheless, Andrei is careful when talking about the future.


"There aren't any plans as of this time, time will tell. It's hard to say about the national team, I haven't played for my country for a long time after all. If the call-up occurs, then we'll talk regarding it. If I'm being truthful, at my age I want to think about every moment I invest in the football pitch, so it's hard to generate any big plans for the future. "


Recently the Russian nationwide team, which Arshavin inspired to the EURO 2008 semi-finals, has changed head guru. Stanislav Cherchesov has already been tasked with guiding this team at two very important tournaments on home soil, the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and also the 2018 World Cup. Andrei, for one, welcomes the decision through the Russian Football Union: "I think he's your best option given the current situation. "


Indeed, in less than some sort of year's time, Arshavin's native city of Saint Petersburg might be the main destination on the Confederations Cup, hosting the opening go with, final and two different games.


"It will be a tremendous event for Saint Petersburg, " he concluded with confidence.


Who knows, perhaps a swansong performance facing his home fans might be yet to come from one of Russia's best-ever footballers.

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