Although Gustavo’s luminous top already helps him stand out from the rest of the Russia team, it is his quite a few impressive saves - and headgear - which may have caught the eye on the FIFA Coins for Sale Futsal World Pot Colombia 2016.

Russia’s goalkeeper wears a protective helmet in most match and training treatment. It serves as a preventative measure for a 37-year-old who has previously suffered two serious head injuries during his career.

“The first injury was about four in years past; I got a knee on the head and it fractured my own skull, ” Gustavo recalled, pointing to the region near his eyebrow the place that the break happened. “I was in hospital to get a month, ” he added.

Doctors advised him to wear headgear with the next six months, after which time this 1. 79-metre tall shotstopper delivered to playing hatless. “About a month later on, I hit the soil with my head and also hurt myself again. ”

Now the father connected with two sons never leaves the home without protection - but not on medical advice. “Shortly after my second injury we a family meeting in addition to everyone, especially my Mum and Dad, asked me to have on the helmet constantly in the future, ” he said. After all, every good son will what his mother says - even when he is an international athlete and one of many world’s best futsal goalkeepers.

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