A wow moment

He has become well renowned with the jaw-dropping. People expect the astounding. Fans buy their tickets to determine him shine. Following Falcao’s retirement, Ricardinho is arguably the biggest star in futsal and also he ensured Portugal’s game was sprinkled with a dash of stardust. After Joao Matos’ drilled shot, Ricardinho flicked out a heel to guide it goalwards with your deftest of touches. The loud ‘woooooow’ emanating through the stands as it was replayed around the Coliseo el Pueblo’s giant screens indicated nobody felt their pesos have been misspent.

The stat

28 - The combined number of years it has been considering that either of today’s victors graced the Futsal World Cup semi-final. Portugal last reached the final four at Guatemala 2000, eventually claiming a third-place conclude, while four years in the future was Argentina’s last visit, coming a cropper as a result of another Iberian side in the shape of Spain.

The words

"It was important for us to score two ambitions before half-time so we're able to relax a bit from the second half; the past few games are quite a stressful experience as we tried to score in vain for that long. As a coach, I suffer the losses more and I quite like the wins less. " Argentina coach Diego Giustozzi

"I expected the match to become like that. They have very strong, very tall players, while my players are very short. We have been really tired after that hard match against Italy, but the experience we have had here provides us with good lessons for the FIFA 17 Coins fifacoin-buy. ” Hesham Saleh, Egypt coach

"We faced one on the main contenders, who had great specific and collective qualities. The match was quite tactical, and even though all of us did well, we were not able to capitalise on our opportunities and we made some things too straightforward for them. We had a very good run, but we are unhappy. " Militinho, Azerbaijan coach.

"We never agreed with folks who said Azerbaijan was weak. Today they showed they're an organised team, and very well taught. Today we helped 1 another, but from now on is usually a new stage for us all. If I have to use one word to outline Portugal's today's performance is 'together'. Jorge Braz, Portugal coach.

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